Speaker Series


Diana Blok / See Through Us (November 2010)

Diana Blok, who is an activist, a photographer and also an academician, shared her experiences about her 30-years photography adventure. Blok presented examples of photos from different parts of her life and talked with participants about her personal transformation through the years and how this personal transformation has affected her work. She also introduced her new book “See Through Us”. She talked about the fieldwork that she conducted in Turkey about gay women/men in Turkey, transsexuals’ stories and portraits. For more information:

İpek Çalışlar/ Latife Hanım ve Halide Edip (November 2010)

Biyografilerinin Serüvenleri Journalist and researcher İpek Çalışlar was invited by Sabancı University Gender and Women’s Studies Forum in the scope of the “Biography” course that Hülya Adak from Sabancı University Cultural Studies Program conducts. During the talk, Çalışlar shared her writing process on Halide Edip and Latife Hanım and discussed some tips about writing biographies.

Cynthia Enloe / Who is Afraid of Gender Analysis: Using Feminist Curiosity to Ask Smart Questions (June 2010)

The Gender Forum invited Cynthia Enloe; a globally-known academician, who transformed and affected areas of international politics, militarism and militarism. On June 12th she gave a talk at Sabancı University Communication Center entitled “Who is Afraid of Gender Analysis: Using Feminist Curiosity to Ask Smart Questions”.

Cynthia Enloe is currently working at Clark University as a professor in the International Relations Department, and she is a member of the publication commission of Signs and the International Feminist Journal of Politics. You can find Enloe’s speech on our website (will be uploaded soon). 





Sevil Sümer / Gender, Women's Movement and Citizenship (October 2011)

 Sevil Sümer, who has contributed to the book Towards a New Feminism (2001) with the section “Modern Women, Conflicting Demands, Different Solutions”, gave a talk  entitled  “Gender, Women's Movement and Citizenship” at Karaköy Minerva Palace. Following her work at the Sociology Department at Bergen University, Norway, Sevil Sümer, shared the outcomes of her EU project, in which she researched how citizenship has been molded according to gender stereotypes, and how women, both as activists and citizens, has partaken in changing and affecting inequalities and injustices.

Valerie Miner / Gender and Genre; Sexuality and Language(March 2011)

American author Valerie Miner, who has a number of well-known novels such as After Eden, Range of Light, A Walking Fire, and Winter's Edge, and who is currently a lecturer at Stanford University, gave a presentation on gender, sexuality and language.

In the presentation, supported by the American Consulate, Miner talked about writing on “seduction, affect and arousal” from various perspectives. She presented examples from heterosexual and lesbian writing. Besides, while enlightening us about the censorship and auto-censorship on lesbian writing in America, she also shared her own authorship experiences and how she reified and grounded the subject matter. She further gave examples on how lesbians are erased, hidden, lost and ignored in the lesbian novel narratives.

Helen Longino / Orthodox v.s Non-Orthodox Feminist Values in Science(March 2011)

Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University, Helen Longino, has written a number of books and given lectures on philosophy of science, social epistemology and feminist philosophy. Longino is regarded as the most important contemporary feminist science philosopher living today. In her presentation at Sabancı University, Longino talked about verified truths in science and feminist values outside of the usual values. Secondly, she questioned the borders of feminist values, their possible applications and scope. She finalized her talk with the conclusion that  “feminism needs science, science needs feminism”.

Feminism Lectures and Panels with Richa Nagar (April 2011)

The purpose of this lectures and panels, realized by the Gender Forum, was to carry out a series of events with prominent academician Richa Nagar and to create an open academic and public debate on gender inequalities, the caste system, women’s empowerment, poverty and solidarity in India.  

Richa Nagar is an internationally acclaimed scholar and renowned lecturer, with outstanding contributions to gender studies, development studies and NGO research. Her worldwide scholarly writing, in the areas of understanding the politics and processes associated with empowerment projects focused on women and the poor, and the ways in which multiple hierarchies associated with these can be interrupted through collaborative knowledge production and dissemination across the borders of North/South, academia/activism, and elite/"vernacular” languages, is highly respected in academia. Currently, she is a lecturer at the University of Minnesota on Gender, Women and Sexuality. Richa Nagar’s latest book Playing with Fire has recently been translated into Turkish and published by Ayizi Yayıncılık (Ateşle Oynamak, 2011). The book has already been received with great interest in the gender studies community and by women’s organizations across Turkey. Moreover, the book was chosen as the Sabancı University’s Reading Club book for March 2013.