Frequently Asked Questions



How can I join the Gender Forum?

You can email to to join our mailing list. Or you can fill out the form on the website. Our forum is open to anyone from Sabancı University, who is interested in gender and women’s studies, sexuality studies, who are researching these topics and planning related events. You can share your thoughts with us via email or drop by our office at Sabanci University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 1065.

How can I follow the Forum events?

You can follow the events from the website, our mailing list, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account.

Is the Gender Forum open to women only?

Gender Forum is open to anyone from Sabancı University; including scholars, students and staff members.

I’m not a member of Sabancı University, how can I benefit from the Gender Forum?

Although you cannot be a member of the Forum, as most of our events are open to public, you can attend the events.

I’m a graduate, can I join the Forum?

Graduates cannot be members of the Forum; however, they can join our events.

Are there any fees for membership?

No, there are no fees for joining the Forum.