Curious Steps

Curious Steps: Gender and Memory Tours  

How much you know about your city? How much can you know about a city by visiting its parks, museums and palaces? Can you touch the history of your city through the building that you pass by everyday, the restaurant that you eat lunch every once in a while, the café that you meet with your friends on weekends? How do silences in social memory reflect on spaces, streets and parks of the city? As Curious Steps: Gender and Memory Tours group we hope to understand these relationships better and open new perspectives on the city and ourselves while chasing invisible memories of the city.

The pilot tour was created by Sabanci University’s Gender and Women’s Studies Forum and Karakutu Association (a youth initiative that focuses on memory tours) in September 2014 in Beyoğlu, starting at Tünel and ending at Gezi Park. For the video of the first tour that was edited by Silvina der Meugerditchian, please click here.

We hope to enhance the extent of Gender and Memory Tours by creating new tours with you in Üsküdar, Kadıköy and Balat, which are important neighbourhoods in terms of gender and cultural diversity. Click here for more information.

Please join us to create new tours and to reconstruct the personal and social memory of the city. For detailed information you can email us at or drop by the Gender Forum office at FASS 1065 on Sabancı Campus.