Welcome to the newly established “Sabancı University Gender and Women’s Studies Forum”.

The purpose of this Forum is to gather together all Sabancı University members who are interested in gender and women’s studies, on a common platform of discussion and collaboration. The diverse research and activities being conducted in our university can thus be shared more extensively and can gain increased visibility. This Forum will not only lead to the widespread recognition and increased effectiveness of existing research and activities, but will also allow interdisciplinary collaboration as well as the initiation and support of new projects in this field.

We cordially invite all Sabancı University employees and students to join us in the presentation meeting of this Forum, which, with its flexible structure, will make the emergence of new and diverse projects possible, and will provide institutional support and implementability to efforts against discrimination. We hope you will be involved in the formation of the Forum and its strategic planning by participating in this initial brainstorming meeting and sharing your ideas, questions, suggestions and feedback.