About the Forum


Sabancı University Gender and Women’s Studies Forum (The Gender Forum, for short), was established in March 2010 on the initiative of a core group of Sabancı University members, with the leadership of Nihat Berker, Sabancı University’s President.

The purpose of the Gender Forum is to gather all the Sabancı University members who are interested in gender and women’s studies in a common platform of discussion and collaboration. The diverse research and activities being conducted in Sabancı University can thus be shared more extensively and can gain increased visibility. This forum is intended not only to promote the widespread recognition and increased effectiveness of existing research and activities, but also allows interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as the initiation and support of new projects in the gender and women’s studies fields.

All Sabancı University employees, both academic and administrative, students and alumni can become a part of the Gender Forum. With its flexible structure, the Gender Forum has made the emergence of new and diverse projects possible, and has provided institutional support to, and allowed implementation of, efforts against discrimination and gender inequality. The Gender Forum is open to all ideas, suggestions, feedback and questions, and is willing to form new collaborations and partnerships with international and national institutions. 


  • to bring together interested academicians, staff and students
  • to initiate and support academic research
  • to develop related courses and curricula
  • to raise gender awareness within Sabancı University
  • to develop policies and institutional structures against discrimination
  • to interact and collaborate with other academic and non-academic institutions
  • to make Sabancı University prominent in national and international platforms

Areas of Focus

  • Gender and education
  • Gender in science and academia
  • Gender-based violence
  • Gender and sexuality